Headstrong partner with BLOK and Goodhood for 2024
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Headstrong partner with BLOK and Goodhood for 2024

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New partnerships mark Headstrong's first step into selective retail


I have always had a real love for retail. As a teenager, I spent time curating lists of my favourite stores, just to visit each one systematically on my yearly trips down to London. To me, retail is the purest embodiment of a brand, you are immersed within their space, and if done well, you should feel as if you understand the brand on a deeper level after visiting. 


It's for this very reason, that I knew when the time came to pursue retail opportunities for Headstrong, it had to be with those who aligned with our mission, qualities and values. When you step into the spaces they have created, you need to feel as if you are stepping into a little piece of their world. And with our two new retail partners, I believe this is true. 




Goodhood was first introduced to the London scene in 2007 and operated predominantly as a multi-brand fashion retailer until its decision to expand into lifestyle and cosmetics just a few years ago. Situated in the heart of Shoreditch, the shop has become an icon of the area, and when you step into Goodhood, you get a sense that every item they stock has been curated with careful consideration. I always had an affinity to the store since I was a teenager, so it made sense to make it my top priority when I decided that It was the right time to branch out Headstrong's retail presence. The lifestyle offering now takes up a large portion of the store, and Headstrong proudly sits with the likes of Aesop, Haeckles and The Neu Co, all brands that I took inspiration from when first building out the Headstrong ecosystem. 




BLOK is a modern take on class based fitness that prioritises the design, layout and feel of their spaces to create a heightened experience for their customers. I wanted to get onboard with a health/fitness partner, it seemed to me like a natural progression, and for obvious reasons, it aligns very well with the nature of the product. Headstrong however was never going to be found on the counter of a Pure gym, I have nothing against Puregyms, they meet a need and serve a purpose for a great price, but I knew that it wouldn't be where I'd find the Headstrong customer. BLOK encapsulates everything it means to be progressive within an industry. Being inside a BLOK space feels almost as if you should stand back for a minute and take in the consideration that has gone into each detail as you would looking at an art piece in a gallery. Besides all of this though, BLOK curate a genuinely diverse and challenging program for their members across a multitude of disciplines, and for this, I knew it would be where my customer would reside. Headstrong is currently available in BLOK Leyton, Shoreditch and Manchester.