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Mushrooms are the future!

I've been taking a Lion's Mane & Reishi for a little over 2 months now and have noticed a big shift in my health mentally. I've struggled to get deep sleep for years, usually only get 6/6.5hrs a night. Reishi completely fixed this. Being at a desk for 8hrs+ a day for work has taken a toll on me and this is where Lion's Mane has come in and really helped with my focus. I don't quite understand how they work but they just do. So much better than any vitamin supplements I've tried in the past.

Matteo V

An absolute game changer

I’ve been using Headstrong products for the past six months and have to say it’s been a game changer! My energy levels have increased dramatically and I feel more balanced and calm. The New You Bundle is an essential part of my daily routine and I highly encourage people to try it for yourself and reap the benefits.

Joseph S

Saved my skin

I got your Tremella capsules when I had lost all hope for my skin and they've really worked. My skin is clearer and even my pigmentation has improved.

Steph N

Better quality sleep

The Reishi mushrooms have really helped the quality of my sleep. I have gone from a light sleeper, waking up a number of times throughout the night to having a much better quality of sleep, leaving me feeling much more refreshed on waking in the morning.


I am the biggest skeptic...

I am the biggest sceptic with with any form of supplements but these have genuinely made a huge change in my life. Started taking Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps about 3 month ago and this has changed everything. I suffer greatly from SAD and these have completely lifted my mood, my sleep quality is significantly higher, energy levels and focus are on a different level. Also seeing a boost during exercise.

Tyron M

I've been looking for an all in one blend...

I’ve been looking for an all in one high quality functional mushroom blend - easy to take on the go, for the busy life! The packaging is awesome, and the effects for me have been pretty quick to take hold - more level headed, sharper and reducing the brain fog. Bravo team Headstrong 🍄

Kate Bright