Don’t just take our word for it...

The athletes bundle

The Reishi/Cordyceps combo in the athletes bundle has really helped my training. Recovery is much better at night which I can track on my Apple Watch, and the Cordyceps have definitely given me a boost in training

Al H

Great product that actually works!

Finally found mushroom products that actually work. I lost some hope with products that I’ve used in the past but these work wonders for me. Love the subscribe option too - no need to reorder and I have new pack every month.


Saved my skin

I got your Tremella capsules when I had lost all hope for my skin and they've really worked. My skin is clearer and even my pigmentation has improved.

Steph N

Better quality sleep

The Reishi mushrooms have really helped the quality of my sleep. I have gone from a light sleeper, waking up a number of times throughout the night to having a much better quality of sleep, leaving me feeling much more refreshed on waking in the morning.


Great product!

Great product, great packaging and great brand. I've been using the mushroom blend product for a couple of weeks and can feel I've been sleeping deeper and I'm more focused.


I've been looking for an all in one blend...

I’ve been looking for an all in one high quality functional mushroom blend - easy to take on the go, for the busy life! The packaging is awesome, and the effects for me have been pretty quick to take hold - more level headed, sharper and reducing the brain fog. Bravo team Headstrong 🍄

Kate Bright