Our Mushroom Box
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Our Mushroom Box

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Our box is made from Mushrooms...yes, really.

We partnered up with the Magical Mushroom Company® to create our bespoke mushroom box. Grown and produced in the UK, our boxes are made from a combination of agricultural by-product and Mycelium, the root-like structure of fungi.

Our boxes are biodegradable at home. Once broken up into small pieces, the box will fully decompose in around 45 days when added to soil, returning as much as possible back to the earth and leaving nothing behind.


So, what's the benefit?

Our boxes are grown, not manufactured. As a result, CO2 is removed from the atmosphere by the natural by-product in the production process. When the box decomposes, the breakdown of this material provides nitrates for the soil. This process can occur in your compost heap, garden or even in a house plant.

Beyond this, the packaging is biodigestable, meaning it can be broken down by bacteria in the absence of oxygen. In fact, in large-scale industrial anaerobic digestion trials, Mushroom® Packaging proved to be both effective and beneficial in drying out wet food matter, typically found in kerbside food collections.